Business and corporate flights

Have you ever considered how relaxing it can be to hire a helicopter for business trips?

Karen SA knows how valuable time is for our customers, and knows how important it is to satisfy our customers’ needs.

With this in mind, all our charter and private flights are designed to meet all needs. We deal directly with industry players to plan and organise every stage of our customer’s journey, literally taking them from door to door for a unique experience at the top.

Whether you are a manager forced to travel in a hurry, at any time and to any destination, or you need to organise a private pick-up for your CEO, transport your team to a business meeting or attend a premier event, we can offer the best solution to reach your destination comfortably, safely and easily.

Private and panoramic flights

Karen SA offers helicopter air transportation to customers’ favourite destinations.

Why wait any longer for the experience of your dreams?
Live an unforgettable experience and enjoy an enchanting picturesque bird’s-eye view of Switzerland and beyond.

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