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Other courses

Refresh Seminar for Instructors (FI / TRI / SFI)

Refresh Seminar for Instructors (FI / TRI / SFI) Ref: AMC1 FCL.940.TRI (a)(1)(ii), (a)(2)(ii), (b)(1)(ii), (b)(2)(ii); FCL.940.SFI(a)(2), (e)(1) Duration: 6 hours (minimum) after ATO evaluation Course can be held in [...]


The course was very well organised. Very good instructor, good tools and facilities. Just the right place to go for a TRI* course. Skilled instructor, great learning experience.
*Type Rating Instructor course

I must say that I’m very pleased regarding Karen’s service and I am sure we will continue working in the future. A word of appreciation to Customer Support and also to the examiner who were both very professional.


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