Worldwide operations

Karen SA, has extensive experience in worldwide start-ups, establishing private and commercial operations and supporting the customer through all of the stages necessary to achieve full independent management of operations, focusing on customised high quality solutions.

Karen SA’s certifications are a key element in the provision of:

  • Consultancy – Karen SA offers professional consultancy based on customers’ needs and the type of operation: analysing, evaluating and seeking the most suitable solution based on acquired know-how, suggesting effective start-up criteria with reasonable investments, and selecting the appropriate helicopter type.
  • Helicopter purchase and delivery assistance – Karen SA’s expertise is at the full service of our customers throughout the helicopter purchase process, providing:
    • Helicopter configuration definition
    • Pre-purchase inspections
    • Technical assistance at the time of helicopter delivery
    • Helicopter shipping and/or delivery in flight
    • Registration
    • Insurance
    • Customs procedures
  • Operational and Maintenance base building and set-up – A quick, reliable solution for the development of an operational base and maintenance facility, adequately equipped to carry out daily flight activities and line and base maintenance, providing:
    • A suitable temporary or permanent infrastructural solution
    • Hangar furnishing: equipment, spare parts, generic and special tools are provided based on customers’ operational needs and our experience with developing a considerable number of remote bases on different continents.
  • Immediate start-up of flight operations – To allows customers to begin their flight activities immediately, Karen SA provides qualified pilots for any kind of operational environment, across the globe.
  • Crew and staff recruitment and training – From the very start of operations, Karen SA supports the customer in selecting and recruiting local personnel such as pilots, technical and ground support staff, to allow continuity and autonomy of operations. Karen SA handles the initial and continuous training of local pilots and technicians by providing high quality ab initio training up to the highest qualification/rating required. Flight and ground instructors, as well as ground support personnel, transfer the required practical experience and know-how to our customers’ personnel, not only during training sessions but also in the context of day-to-day operations.
  • Technical support – We provide full initial technical support to guarantee an immediate start to helicopter operations. Professional technical personnel ensure flight safety and continuing helicopter airworthiness by performing line and base maintenance. During maintenance operations, Karen SA’s specialists train local staff to enable them to carry out maintenance tasks independently.
  • Spare parts supply and logistics – Karen SA supplies and delivers spare parts worldwide, with a special focus on AOG. Depending on the customer’s needs, an on-site spare parts storage facility may be established and managed by local personnel, in cooperation with Karen SA’s spare parts and logistics department.
  • Reporting – Customised reports are provided to ensure clear control of operations at all stages of the project. Worldwide and close to its customers, Karen SA provides a leading service based on excellent technical know-how, superior workmanship and a unique customer service approach.