Since its establishment, training has been an integral part of Karen SA’s activity. It serves to develop professional skills and know-how and, even more importantly, a sense of responsibility and a culture of safety.

It is Karen SA’s belief that promoting the appropriate culture is the only way to gain customers’ trust and ensure their full satisfaction.

Our main focus is on providing high quality pilot and maintenance training, and we believe that excellent training results in excellent pilots and technicians.

Karen SA is an ATO (Approved Training Organisation), recognised by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation and EASA PART 147.

For non-EASA Member States, Karen SA adapts its training programme to the national laws of the relevant states. Karen ATO is currently recognised in Russia and African countries and works with organisations to perform recurrent and refresher pilot training and LP/OP checks.

Our staff prepare each student to become a professional helicopter pilot or technician and hold them to the highest standards to ensure a safe and successful career.

Effective training can only be achieved by ensuring flexibility and adaptability: the customer is our number one priority. As such, Karen SA focuses on customising training to achieve the required competence level at an appropriate cost.

Other courses

Training courses:

  • LAPL (H)
  • PPL(H)
  • CPL (H) modular
  • CPL(H) integrated
  • ATPL (H) modular
  • ATPL (H) Untegrated
  • Night Rating (H)
  • TRI (H) 
  • MCC (H) Including MCC(H)/IR

Type Ratings:

  • Cabri G2
  • Bell 505
  • Bell 206
  • A119
  • A109 SP / MP
  • AW109 (AW109 / AW109S / AW109SP)
  • AW169 SP / MP
  • AW139 SP / MP
  • Bell 206

We do perform Skill test, operational and line proficiency check VFR/IFR on many helicopter types both on helicopter and simulator. 


I must say that I’m very pleased regarding Karen’s service and I am sure we will continue working in the future. A word of appreciation to Customer Support and also to the examiner who were both very professional.

The course was very well organised. Very good instructor, good tools and facilities. Just the right place to go for a TRI* course. Skilled instructor, great learning experience.
*Type Rating Instructor course

Excellent school, serious, professional, the teachers Luca and Dario are at the top.